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SDK Scene examples

SDK Scene examples

To get you up and running, and to illustrate what kind of experiences you can build using the SDK, we’ve put together some code and scene examples.

Some of these scenes feature a link to a version of the scene that’s deployed on a remote server. There you can interact with it just as if you were running the preview locally.

Clone an example scene #

Instead of creating a new scene from scratch, you can clone one of the existing example scenes and use that as a starting point.

To do so:

  1. Find an example you like from the ones listed below.
  2. Open the Code link to visit its GitHub repo.
  3. From there you can either:
    1. Fork the repo to work on your own version of it, that will exist in a cloned GitHub repo that belongs to you.
    2. Click Clone or Download and select to download it as a .zip file, to work on the files locally, without GitHub being involved.

Examples #

Visit the Decentraland awesome repository for a large catalogue of example scenes, each tackling one particular challenge.