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Migration guide 7.1

Migration guide 7.1

Between the Alpha version 7.0.5 and the Beta version 7.1.0 of the @dcl/sdk framework there have been multiple breaking changes. A scene written using 7.0.5 will need some minor adjustments when migrated to 7.1.0 Below are the changes that need to be considered:

  • Component ids are now a string, instead of a number. Also when defining a component, the order of parameters has been reversed. Now the ID goes first, then the schema.
    // OLD
    export const PainterComponent = engine.defineComponent(
    	myField: Schemas.Number
    // NEW
    export const PainterComponent = engine.defineComponent(
    	myField: Schemas.Number
  • UI alignment properties have changed types, they’re no longer enums, instead special string types.
    **💡 Tip**:  In Visual Studio Code, on each property press _Ctrl + Space bar_ to see a dropdown of suggestions with the allowed values.
  • The PointerHoverFeedback component was renamed to PointerEvents
  • The Billboard component has changed properties. It now only has one BillboardMode property, that takes an enum that sets several different modes.
  • getRealmData() is deprecated. Use getRealm() instead.
  • isPreview() is deprecated. getRealm() now returns an additional preview boolean property to use instead.
  • getParcel() is deprecated. Use getSceneInfo() instead.
  • The albedoColor in a PBR Material component changed from type Color3 to type Color4, to support transparent colors.
  • In package.json, the scripts section must be changed to the following:
    "scripts": {
    		"start": "sdk-commands start",
    		"build": "sdk-commands build",
    		"upgrade-sdk": "npm install --save-dev @dcl/sdk@latest",
    		"upgrade-sdk:next": "npm install --save-dev @dcl/sdk@next"
  • Loading of texture images from external sources requires adding domain to an allowlist on the scene’s scene.json file.
  • When running a preview of an SDK7 scene via the command line, use npm run start and npm run build. Don’t use dcl start or dcl build. The Decentraland Editor is encouraged as the defacto way to run scene previews.
  • The orientation of Textures is now flipped on plane and cube primitives. This results in a more intuitive result, as the default orientation of a plane now exhibits an image facing the right way. It is also consistent with how video textures are oriented.
  • Fixed bug with rotating platforms, they now move players that are standing on them.

New features #

Additionally, the following new features are now available:

  • VideoTexture is now implemented for playing streamed videos
  • New Schema types Schemas.Vector3 and Schemas.Quaternion. These are useful for defining custom components that store these common data types.
  • New Entity type has been added, it helps with type checking for operations that expect or return an entity
  • New onMouseDown and onMouseUp properties for UI pointer events
  • New Dropdown UI element
  • New Input UI element
  • New Label UI element
  • New texture and textureType properties in uiBackground let you set images on a UI element.
  • New textureSlices property lets you perform 9-Slice stretching of UI textures, to preserve proportions on the corners and margins.
  • Basic materials on the Material component have a new diffuseColor property to apply a plain color to a shade-less material.
  • The PointerLock component allows you to know if the player currently has the cursor locked