Curation Committee

The Wearables Curation Committee is a group of individuals elected by the DAO who are responsible for reviewing and approving wearables submitted by the Decentraland community. The current Curation Committee includes three members, but it can be expanded to include more. Each member holds a key in a multisig wallet that is used to vote on the approval or rejection of each item submitted via the Wearables Editor.

The approval criteria used by the committee when reviewing wearables is outlined in Publishing Wearables.

The current members of this committee are:

  • HirotoKai. Community Creator
  • Juan Pablo Colasso, 3D Visual Artist
  • KJ Walker, 3D Community Developer
  • Laura Uson Dolsac, Lead Artist, Polygonal Mind
  • Malloy, 3D Artist
  • Martin Shibuya, Art Director, Decentraland Foundation
  • Sebastian Valla, Art Lead, WonderZone

Why does Decentraland need a Curation Committee?

Wearables are a critical aspect of the avatar creation and customization experience. With the addition of the Wearables Editor, any member of the community can create their own wearables to share with other users.

However, wearables in Decentraland still need to be moderated in order to prevent spam, abuse, duplicated content, and copyright infringements (as per Decentraland’s Content Policy, Terms of Use, and Code of Ethics).

Wearables within the Decentraland ecosystem must also meet several technical requirements, otherwise they may not render correctly or they may adversely affect other wearables equipped at the same time. Until this approval process can be more fully automated, it is necessary for several individuals to review each wearable manually.