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Game Jam survival guide

The Decentraland September Game Jam (previously ‘Hackathon’) will take place from September 16th to September 30th. This Survival Guide is all you need to get started and get creative in the Metaverse.

Install the CLI and get started

See the Docs Home for first steps to get started.


Read our tutorials for detailed instructions for building basic scenes.

Engage with other Jammers

Visit Discord, join a lively discussion about what’s possible and how!

You can also enrol in free courses at the Decentraland University channel.

Team up

While you’re welcome to work on a project by yourself, the Game Jam experiences are often team efforts. Why not reach out to friends who might be a good match?

You can also check this spreadsheet to post searches for team mates or find teams to join.


To debug any issues, we encourage that you post issues to Stack Overflow, using the tags decentraland or decentraland-ecs.

You can also ask in Discord. The #developers channel is for questions regarding code, the #building channel is for questions regarding 3D models and art.

The Utils library

The Decentraland ESC Utils library includes a number of helper methods that make it easier to carry out a lot of common use cases.

To use any of the helpers provided by the Utils library:

  1. Install it as an npm package. Run this command in your scene’s project folder:

     npm install decentraland-ecs-utils
  2. Import the library into the scene’s script. Add this line at the start of your game.ts file, or any other TypeScript files that require it:

     import utils from "../node_modules/decentraland-ecs-utils/index"
  3. In your TypeScript file, write utils. and let the suggestions of your IDE show the available helpers.

Read the full documentation of the Utils library here

Project Examples

Here are some examples submitted from our Hackathon back in June that you can take inspiration from…

Archery Casino

Mystery Castle



Chipassic Park

To see our official example scenes, with links to their code, see scene examples.

Other useful information