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SDK Roadmap

Features after 6.1 will be released one at a time as they’re developed.

Next features

  • Improve scene boundaries checking
  • Display 2D NFTs
  • Timing helpers:
    • Execute every x milliseconds
    • Delay x milliseconds
    • Remove entity after x milliseconds
  • Collision triggers - clipping events (contact with surface)
  • Sticky collisions (enable user movement, ex: elevator)
  • Smooth animation transitions
  • Positioning helpers:
    • Return direction vector from Transform & Camera objects: (forward, up, right, left, down, and back)
    • Get and set the full transformation matrix from a Transform
    • OutOfBounds component: remove entity if it leaves a region


  • Collision triggers - AABB (overlapping with area)
  • Raycasting functions
  • A/B buttons with actions defined by developer
  • Raycasting helpers:
    • OnPointerIn: Called when cursor points at an entity
    • OnPointerOut: Called when cursor stops pointing at an entity
  • State-machine component
  • Change GLTF materials in runtime
  • Event when player leaves scene
  • Improve the experience of setting UVs somehow for texture tiling.
  • Integrate with Identity service to query player data
  • Multiplayer helpers
  • Helpers for AI behavior and querying for other entities in the scene
  • In-world UIs (not fixed on the player’s screen)