Let’s build the metaverse together

Let’s build the metaverse together

Decentraland is an Open Source project and the Contributors section is intended for members of the community or techies who are looking to learn more about the technical components that make the platform work. If you are looking to learn about the implementation details, forking the project and hosting your own Metaverse implementation, or be part of the community of code contributors this is the right place to start!

This section is brand new and growing, more content will gradually be added with relevant information about the implementation details.

Resources #

The list below contains references to key technical resources where you can keep educating yourself:

  • Navigate through all the open-source repositories at the Decentraland GitHub Organization:

  • Architecture Decision Record (ADR): An ADR is a design document providing information to the Decentraland community, or describing a new feature for Decentraland or its processes or environment.

  • Status Page: check out the current platform status, incidents history, and some platform metrics:

  • Technical Ask Me Anything (AMA) sessions: if you still have questions, comments or concerns you can attend the monthly AMAs which are sessions hosted by the Decentraland Foundation to answer (mostly) technical questions from the members of the community: Notion page