The SignedFetch module provides an implementation of the fetch interface that is transparently compliant with the signed fetch protocol, which defines how to attach signed authentication chains to outgoing requests.

The procedures for signing and verifying this request are detailed in the authentication chain page.

Using SignedFetch from a scene requires the USE_FETCH permission.

Methods #

signedFetch #

Make an HTTP request as you would with ( fetch ), automatically adding the verification headers.

interface Request {
  // The request target URL:
  url: string

  // Optional, self-explanatory parameters for the request:
  init?: {
    method?: string
    body?: string
    headers: { [key: string]: string }

interface Response {
  // Whether the HTTP request was performed successfully (codes other than 2xx are not failures)
  ok: boolean

  // The self-explanatory details of the response:
  status: number
  statusText: string
  headers: { [key: string]: string }
  body: string

function signedFetch(Request): Promise<Response>