LiveKit Transport

LiveKit Transport

The LiveKit transport is the most versatile and efficient of the supported transports, and also the easiest to implement. Clients should use it when they receive an appropriate connection string from their realm’s Archipelago service, or if it’s indiciated as a fixed transport.

You can see the LiveKit transport in action and play with its features using the open-source Comms Station .

Unlike the custom websocket transport, it uses a third-party (open source) library, which greatly simplifies the development process by abstracting all transport-level logic and serialization.

LiveKit transport URIs begin with the livekit: prefix, followed by the wss:// server URL. They also include a pre-authorized access_token, generated by Archipelago when the client authenticates.


Connecting and Authenticating #

The LiveKit client library neatly encapsulates all the connection and authentication logic.

There is no additional authentication step when using the LiveKit transport. The access_token provided by Archipelago is already verified and authorized.

Exchanging Messages #

Clients relying on the LiveKit library can easily broadcast, send direct messages and publish live media feeds.

Payloads are plain comms Packets without any additional wrapping.