Profiles are the basic description of a player, with information such as their in-world name and avatar.

They are available in content servers as regular entities , though World Explorers usually leverage the comms system to get up-to-date versions on the fly.

The system is prepared to allow for multiple identities with the same owner, all included as avatars in the entity manifest. In practice though, the vast majority of players have only one.

Pointers #

Profile pointers are the Ethereum address of the owner, without any prefix or suffix. For example:


Metadata Fields #

Field Value
avatars An array of descriptions for each of the owner’s avatars (see below).

Avatars #

Each avatar in metadata.avatars[] represents an identity with the same owner, and has a number of properties that allow clients to display profiles, render avatars in-world and contact the owner.

Field Value
userId The pointer that resolves (or used to resolve) to this profile.
name The display name of this player.
email (Optional) An email address for this player.
description (Optional) Text chosen by the player to describe themselves.
ethAddress The ethereum address of this player (currently equal to their userId).
hasClaimedName Whether the name field is a claimed ENS name.
unclaimedName A temporary name for users without an ENS name (e.g. guests).
tutorialStep The progress of the tutorial for this player.
avatar Properties of the player’s in-world avatar (see below).

An example:

  "userId": "0x210c4415d6a71195af76beef9b84dd0eb43f35da",
  "name": "Bob",
  "email": "",
  "hasClaimedName": false,
  "description": "",
  "ethAddress": "0x210c4415d6a71195af76beef9b84dd0eb43f35da",
  "avatar": {
    // See below

Avatar Field #

The metadata.avatars[].avatar field has all the information a World Explorer (or other clients, such as a standalone avatar editor) require to render a player.

Field Value
bodyShape The pointer to the avatar’s body shape entity.
snapshots An object with images for this avatar (see below).
eyes An object with a color in the form of an { r, g, b } object for the avatar’s eyes.
hair An object with a color in the form of an { r, g, b } object for the avatar’s hair.
skin An object with a color in the form of an { r, g, b } object for the avatar’s skin.
wearables An array of wearable pointers in use by the avatar.

To illustrate:

  "bodyShape": "urn:decentraland:off-chain:base-avatars:BaseMale",
  "snapshots": {
    // See below
  "eyes": {
    "color": { "r": 0.37109375, "g": 0.22265625, "b": 0.1953125 }
  "hair": {
    "color": { "r": 0.234375, "g": 0.12890625, "b": 0.04296875 }
  "skin": {
    "color": { "r": 0.80078125, "g": 0.609375, "b": 0.46484375 }
  "wearables": [

Snapshots #

The metadata.avatars[].avatar.snapshots field contains file identifiers for images (included in the content top-level field ). Each property is an image kind, and there are currently two: face256 (a thumbnail) and body (a full-sized version).

For example:

  "face256": "bafkreidvjwc3gqqdqk646rqnxnqzpsyjsjafqfc76zenfgjnm2ahbvrtsd",
  "body": "bafkreigclygt6vzzu7myzg3weifapb3a5uec245lzndg4f53y4vfb3cmwm"