The DAO Fund

One of the most common questions received about the DAO is “how much MANA does the DAO have, and what is it for?”

The DAO possesses 222 million MANA by means of a 10 year vesting contract.

At the time of this writing (May 21 2021), of that 222 million MANA, roughly 14.1 million MANA has been released (withdrawn) from the vesting contract. In addition to that 14.1 million MANA, an additional 13.5 million MANA may be released as of the time of this writing. This makes for a total of 27.6 million MANA currently available to the DAO.

The MANA in this contract vests every second, thus gradually increasing the size of the DAO’s fund.

You can view the DAO’s vesting contract here.

The DAO also has several sources of income:

  • The 2% transaction fees within the Decentraland Marketplaces all go to the DAO
  • The OpenSea Marketplace also receives a 2.5% transaction fee for sales of LAND, Estates, Names, and wearables, part of which is transferred to the DAO.