Grants FAQ

Grants FAQ

Where can I see my grant proposal? #
Go to and make a search writing the proposal name on the search box.
Where can I find my vesting contract? #
The DAO Committee has to prepare the Vesting Contract, which will be available in a few days after the Grant was approved by the DAO and you will be able to see it in your Grant Proposal Page when your Grant turns into ENACTED.
When can I start to release the funds of the grant I received? #
You can start to release these funds 30 days after the grant has passed. After that, you will be able to withdraw the funds once every month, knowing that the total amount of your grant will be released into monthly equal payments, based on the total of months of your grant proposal. The beneficiaries are responsible for paying the gas fee required for each withdrawal.
How can I release the Grants funds? #
  1. Go to your grant proposal page
  2. Sign in with your wallet address
  3. Click on the vesting contract, and you will see the release button.
  4. Funds will be withdrawn to your wallet after this action is completed

You can do the same process in Etherscan using the ID of your contract. You can find you contract ID in your grant proposal page.

Can I change the beneficiary address of my vesting contract? #

Yes. You will have to do a transaction on the blockchain, so it will have a gas fee cost. There are two differents ways to change the beneficiary address:

1st: on the proposal page

  1. Go to your grant proposal page
  2. Sign in with your wallet address
  3. Click on the vesting contract, and you will see two buttons: release and change beneficiary address.

2nd: using etherscan

  1. Go to
  2. Sign in with the same wallet that you provided in your proposal
  3. Click on “WRITE CONTRACT”,
  4. Call the action “transfer ownership”
  5. Change it and sign the transaction.
How to post updates on my proposal page? #
  1. Go to your grant proposal page
  2. Sign in with the wallet address of the grant author(who submitted the proposal), or co-author if the proposal has any.
  3. This will display a menu on the lower right of your grant proposal page, where you will find a red “POST UPDATE” button.
  4. This action will provide a space to write about your project (“Introduction/highlights/blockers/next steps”) and to mark the project health (on track / at risk / off track) to submit your update.
How frequently do I have to post updates? #

Grant owners must provide one update on their grant proposal page every 30 days from the moment their Grant passed. This is the official way to report your progress. Sharing screenshots or demos of your work goes a long way toward maintaining the trust of the community. When your vesting contract period is finalized, you will receive an email from the Grant Support Squad asking you to submit a Final Report.

These progress reports should be clear and concise, while still giving the community an accurate sense of how your project is progressing. It is also expected that members of the Grant team attend the DAO Monthly TownHalls to report progress.

What happens if you miss an update? #
Missing an update is an alarm for the community and may trigger the Grant revocation process. The Grant Support Squad will contact you and encourage you to submit it. They will help you if you have any blocker to make this action. Bare in mind that if you submit the monthly update after the deadline, your it will be marked as late.
How can you request help? #
During your grant period, you can always contact the Grant Support Squad or ask for help to the community via the Decentraland DAO Discord server .