Requesting Grants

Requesting Grants

To request a grant from the Decentraland DAO, begin by navigating to click on the button “start voting” and sign in with your wallet.

Head to the Grants tab and on the lower left side of the platform you’ll see a REQUEST A GRANT button.

Grant proposal form #

Decentraland Grants allow MANA owned by the DAO to fund the creation of features or content beneficial to the Decentraland platform and its growth. Either individuals or teams may request grant funding through the DAO, and there are no constraints on the content or features that may be funded (within the bounds of Decentraland’s Content Policy ).

Following is an overview of the proposal form:

Category #

Select the category that best suits your project. Currently, DAO grants will fund projects within seven categories:

  • Core Unit: Provide core infrastructure and operations for the DAO
  • Platform: Creation of tools and applications extending our platform and ecosystem
  • Documentation: Production of free educational content related to Decentraland’s dynamics
  • In-world Content: Development of experiences aiming to improve user retention
  • Social Media Content: Marketing efforts aiming to reach new users and keeping them engaged
  • Sponsorship: Supporting In-Real-Life initiatives targeting audiences relevant to Decentraland
  • Accelerator: A private company of for-profit initiative in need of funding

Funding #

Every grant category has its own category budget, which is renewed every three months. You will see the remaining category budget based on the category that you had previously selected.

Desired Funding
Enter the exact amount of funding you are requesting for your grant in USD. This amount should be within range for the Tier you’ve selected. If it corresponds to a Lower Tier, you can choose for it to be paid in MANA or USD in Stable Coin (DAI) according to the current exchange rate between USD and MANA. If it corresponds to a Higher Tier, it will be paid in Stable Coin (DAI) according to the current exchange rate between USD and MANA.

Estimated project duration
Enter the amount of months your project will take to be developed. This will define the amount of months of your vesting contract.

Time of payments
Enter the time of the month you’d like the funds to be released. This could either be:

  • 1st day of the month
  • 15th day of the month

Preferred payment token
If your grant requested is of less than $20.000, you will be able to choose your payment token between:

  • MANA
  • DAI

General Information #

Provide a title that is concise and descriptive for your grant request. This title will appear as the header of your proposal’s detail page on , the proposal in Snapshot, and the Forum thread generated for your proposal. (80 characters)

Please explain the key components of your project. This should include a description of the feature or content you want to create, what needs or goals your work may satisfy, and the skills or experience you have that will contribute to your success. This is your chance to make a good first impression on the community. (750 characters)

Elaborate on why your project should receive funding, the problems that your project will solve, or the benefits it will bring to the Decentraland platform. (3500 characters)

Beneficiary Address
The address that will receive the grant funds. This must be an Ethereum address! Entering a non-Ethereum address that cannot receive MANA may result in a permanent loss of funds.

Contact Email Address
This email address will be used by the Grant Support teams to contact you to check the progress of the grant, set up meetings and maintain an open communication channel. Note that the address will be published in the proposal and publicly visible. If you want to keep your anonymity, consider using an email address without personal identifiable information.

Roadmap and milestones
Describe the roadmap of your project, making sure to include any relevant milestones that the community should be aware of and how you will share progress you have made. Clearly communicating progress for long-term projects funded by vesting contracts will help prevent the removal of your funding. (1500 characters)

Co-authors (optional)
If you co-authored this proposal with someone else, you can add their wallet addresses to acknowledge their work. After you publish the proposal, co-authors will be asked to confirm or reject the request. Only if they confirm, they will be listed publicly on the proposal page. This field is optional.

Team #

Members Please list who will be working on this project and include an explicit overview of their relevant skillset and experience. You may provide links to portfolios or profiles to help the Decentraland community get to know who the DAO will be funding and how their backgrounds will contribute to your project’s success. Provide from each team member:

  • Their name/Identity
  • Their Role/Position
  • About them
  • Relevant Link (optional)

Due Diligence #

Budget Breakdown

Our community values transparency. Please for each item in your budget breakdown include:

  • Concept title/name
  • Estimated budget
  • Duration (in months)
  • About this
  • Relevant link (optional)

Category-Specific Assessment #

Depending on the category you have applied to, you will have different performance metrics to measure the impact of your grant. These could be, but are not limited to:

1- Core Unit performance metrics:

  • How will your team provide strategic value to the Decentraland DAO?
  • List your measurable impact metrics

2- Platform performance metrics:

  • Publish the source code and its derivatives developed under the budget provided by the DAO under an open-source license and in a public repository.
  • Commit to publishing documentation for the community to understand and contribute to the codebase.

3- Documentation performance metrics:

  • What type of content are you planning to produce? (I.e. documentation article, scene example, videos, code examples, other)
  • How many pieces of content are you planning to publish under the duration of this Grant?

4- In-World Content performance metrics:

  • How many pieces of content (i.e. number of events, scenes, or games) are you planning to produce under the duration of this Grant?
  • How many users do you expect to engage with this content?
  • How are you going to measure the engagement with your content? (I.e. newly populated land, Active Users, Returning Users, Time on Scene)

5- Social Media Content performance metrics:

  • Please select the social media platforms where you will publish this content, such as Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Discord, YouTube, Twitter, Twitch, or Other
  • Tell us how your audience is relevant to Decentraland.
  • How many pieces of content are you planning to generate?
  • How many people do you plan to impact with this content?
  • Please provide links to your current social media channels

6- Sponsorship performance metrics:

  • Event type (Online, Offline)
  • Please select the Event category ( I.e. Conference, side event, community meetups, hackathon or other)
  • Is this grant the primary source of funding for this event?
  • How many events are you planning to organize?
  • How many people are you expecting to attend?
  • How is your audience relevant to Decentraland?
  • How is the Decentraland brand going to be showcased?

7- Accelerator performance metrics:

  • Please describe your revenue generation model
  • What’s your plan for returning the investment to the DAO?
  • How many months will it take the DAO to recover the investment made on your project based on your estimations?

Here you are asked to review and check the following:

Submitting your proposal #

After filling out every field in the proposal form to the best of your abilities, click Submit proposal.

After submitting your proposal, a Forum thread will be generated automatically where the community can provide feedback or ask questions about your project.

Grant requests remain open on the DAO for 14 days, during which the community can review and vote on your proposal.