Web Editor

August 16, 2023

The Web Editor is a simple visual tool that lets you create and publish Decentraland scenes without the need to install anything. To access the web editor simply visit the builder page and go to scenes section. Create scene # To create a scene, go to scenes section in the builder and press Create scene button. You will be able to create a scene from scratch or use any of the available templates. ...

Smart Items - Basic

September 19, 2023

Some of the items in the catalog of the Decentraland Editor are Smart Items. Players can interact with these, they have configurable properties, and they can trigger actions on other smart items. For example: doors that can be opened and closed, platforms that move up and down, or buttons and levers that can activate other items. You can recognize these items because they have a lightning icon and a different colored background. ...

Smart Items - Advanced

April 5, 2024

Most smart items have a basic mode and an advanced mode. The basic mode is tailored to only display the most common settings in a simple way. The advanced mode allows you to customize almost anything about how the item behaves. Items start out int he basic mode, to switch to the advanced mode, click the three dots icon and select Enable Advanced Mode. Any configuration that you set in the basic mode is kept when switching into the advanced mode, but represented in more detail. ...

Combine with code

January 4, 2024

The Decentraland Editor plus custom code is a very powerful combination for creating content. You can use the Visual Editor to position items intuitively, and then write code that interacts with these items with complete freedom. You can even place a smart item, that has its own default behavior, and write code that reacts to when the item is activated. For example, you can take advantage of an existing lever smart item, that already comes with its sounds and animations and states, and write code that detects when the lever is pulled to run your own custom logic. ...