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Web Editor

Web Editor

The Web Editor is a simple visual tool that lets you create and publish Decentraland scenes without the need to install anything.

To access the web editor simply visit the builder page and go to scenes section.

Create scene #

To create a scene, go to scenes section in the builder and press Create scene button. You will be able to create a scene from scratch or use any of the available templates.

Scenes in Decentraland occupy one or several adjacent LAND parcels. Each LAND parcel measures 16x16 meters.

To build something to deploy to LAND parcels you own, make sure the shape of the scene matches the shape of where you want it deployed.

📔 Note: The scene creation flow currently only supports rectangular-shaped scenes.

Add items #

Navigate the themed asset pack categories on the menu on the bottom to find different items that you can place on your scene. There’s a great variety!

To place an item, click and drag the item to a specific location in the scene. All your changes are saved automatically.

Preview in explorer #

To test your scene and experience it like a player, click the Preview scene button on the top-right corner. This will open a scene preview on a new page, where you can move around the scene and interact with interactive items.

Publish scene #

Once you’re happy with the scene, press Publish scene.

  • Select My world to make your scene available in any of your worlds .

  • Select My Land if you own land, or have been given deploy permissions by an owner. Then select the parcels where you want it deployed on the map. Parcels where you are allowed to deploy are shown in pink.

Download scene #

While editing a scene, press the download scene icon to download the contents of the scene as a .zip file. In the scene selector screen, you can also press the three dots icon and select Download scene.

You can then share this scene with another Builder user, or edit the scene with more freedom by using the Decentraland SDK.

Upload scene #

In the scene selector screen, press Upload scene, then drag one or several .zip files from exported Builder scenes and press Upload.

If a scene is too large to upload, try this:

  1. Decompress the scene .zip file.
  2. Look for the builder.json inside the uncompressed folder. Compress that single file into a new .zip file.
  3. Upload this new .zip file.
📔 Note: You can only upload scenes that have been built with the Builder. You can’t upload a scene that was built with the SDK or modified with it.

Migrate from SDK6 to SDK7 #

Scenes created with the Builder in SDK6 can be easily migrated to SDK7 using the builder. To do this:

  1. Select an SDK6 scene from the list
  2. Press the Edit scene button
  3. Select “Use decentraland web editor (SDK7)” option
  4. Press the Migrate now button. If needed, you can also save a copy of the scene in SDK6.
If the migrated scene contains smart items, these will be removed from the scene. SDK7 doesn’t support smart items yet.