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Rewards Users and Roles

Rewards Users and Roles

To perform any action on a campaign in the Rewards service, you need to be logged in with a wallet that has the required permissions.

When you create a campaign, you are automatically assigned as its owner and have all permissions. You can add other users to the campaign and grant them permissions according to their role.

To add a user to the campaign.

  1. Click on the Users tab to see the list of users that have access to that campaign.
  2. At the end of this list you should see the form to add a new user. Note: you’ll only see this if you have permissions to add users.
  3. Complete the form address wallet (or ens name), select the role of the new user
  4. Click on the Add user button.

Permissions for roles #

These are the actions allowed for each role:

Permission viewer developer collaborator owner
View campaign name, network, and max gas
Edit campaign name, and max gas
Activate and deactivate campaign
View supply
Add/remove Supply
View dispensers
View dispenser key
Add/remove dispenser
View campaign transactions
View users
Add/Remove users
Remove owner users