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Scene Analytics

Scene Analytics

As a creator, it’s very valuable to track player visits and the way in which players interact with your scene. Instead of assuming, you can obtain real data and make informed decisions while iterating on your designs.

  • The WeMeta team produced a powerful analytics tool that is specially designed for using in Decentraland scenes. It was originally funded by a grant in the Decentraland DAO .

    Through a one-line code snippet (the ‘Builder Tag’), you can expose/access (via API or dashboard) a myriad of interesting scene data including unique visitors, heat maps of visitor foot traffic, visitor activity, your scene rank and more.

    Read the WeMeta documentation for detailed instructions about how to implement it in your scenes.

    For additional help or suggestions you can reach out to the WeMeta team here or by mail

  • The Decentraland Builder exposes basic data about user weekly visits to your scenes. This data is only available to users with ownership or operator rights on these parcels, and there is no historical record for checking past periods. As a scene creator you don’t need to do any prior actions, this data is available for all published scenes.

    To access this data, visit the Decentraland Builder , select the Land tab, then select a parcel or estate that you own or have rights on. There you will find data for any scene in that location. The data includes total user visits, median session time and peak concurrent users during the last 7 days.