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Make your scene discoverable

Make your scene discoverable

Decentraland offers a vast array of content. You must ensure your scene stands out and connects with its audience. Here are some key strategies:

  • Social media: Share your scene on social media platforms to increase its visibility. Include multimedia content to tempt more players, don’t just add a link and text. Decentraland’s Discord server is also an excellent platform to engage with the community.

  • Categories and tags: Utilize categories and tags to help players find your scene through the search feature on the Decentraland map. Learn more about this in Categories .

  • Visual Appeal: Design your scene to be visually appealing from a distance to catch the eye of explorers. Consider how your scene appears on the map’s satellite view.

  • Points of Interest (POIs): Submit a proposal on the DAO to have your scene featured as a Point of Interest on the map.

  • Description and thumbnail: Craft enticing descriptions and eye-catching thumbnails to attract players before they enter your scene. These elements are crucial for making a strong impression when selecting a scene on the map, teleporting from another scene, or encountering a shared link on social media.

  • Events: Take advantage of the events page to promote gatherings, from scene inaugurations to themed seasonal events. Hosting events can draw large crowds, and offering rewards like wearables or emotes can enhance player engagement.

  • Quests: Incorporate your scene into Quests to guide players through various experiences. Creating quests can encourage visits to your scene as part of an engaging journey.

  • Build Traffic: Attract players by creating a vibrant scene that draws in visitors. Once a critical mass of players is present, others may join in, attracted by the bustling activity.