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Emotes Overview

Emotes Overview

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Emotes are animation sequences for avatars’ skeleton bones, which are defined in a transport file, usually in .glb, or .gltf formats. An emote can include sound, or even an animated 3d geometry attached to it. For more information check Adding Props and Sounds to your Emotes .

There are a selection of free default Emotes that are available to any user, but Decentraland also supports the creation and use of custom Emotes that are represented by non-fungible tokens ( NFTs). This allows a finite amount of different Emotes to be created, or minted, on the blockchain, similar to  Wearables .

By default, Decentraland Emotes are minted on the Polygon/Matic sidechain so users can mint, buy, sell, or transfer items without having to pay gas fees (the DAO covers these costs as voted on in  this Proposal ).

Emotes are organized into different categories depending on what a Creator thinks best describes what an Emote does. The available categories are:

  • Dance
  • Stunt
  • Greetings
  • Fun
  • Poses
  • Reactions
  • Horror
  • Miscellaneous