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Preview your scene

Preview your scene

Once you have built a new scene or downloaded a scene example you can preview it locally.

Using the editor #

To run a scene preview using the Decentraland Editor:

Make sure you’ve installed the Decentraland editor .

  1. Open your scene’s folder using Visual Studio Code.

    Note: The Visual Studio window must be at the root folder of the scene project.

  2. Open the Decentraland tab on Visual Studio. Note that the bottom section lists all of your project’s currently installed dependencies.

  3. Click the Run Scene button.

    This opens a browser tab running the Decentraland scene.

Using the CLI #

To preview a scene run the following command on the scene’s main folder:

npm run start

Any dependencies that are missing are installed and then the CLI opens the scene in a new browser tab automatically. It creates a local web server in your system and points the web browser tab to this local address.

Every time you make changes to the scene, the preview reloads and updates automatically, so there’s no need to run the command again.

📔 Note: Some scenes depend on communicating with an external server to carry out custom logic or store and retrieve data. When previewing one of these scenes, you’ll likely have to also run the server locally on another port. Check the scene’s readme for instructions on how to launch the server as well as the scene.

Parameters of the preview command #

You can add the following flags to the npm run start command to change its behavior:

  • -- --web3 Connects preview to browser wallet to use the associated avatar and account.
  • -- --skip-version-checks Avoids checking if the scene’s SDK framework version matches your CLI version, and launches the preview anyway.
  • -- --desktop-client Runs the preview in the Decentraland Desktop client.
  • -- --port to assign a specific port to run the scene. Otherwise it will use whatever port is available.
  • -- --no-debug Disable the debug panel, that shows scene and performance stats.
  • -- --no-browser to prevent the preview from opening a new browser tab.
  • -- --w or -- --no-watch to not open watch for filesystem changes and avoid hot-reload whenever the scene’s code changes.
  • -- --c or -- --ci To run the parcel previewer on a remote unix server,
📔 Note: Parameters need to be added with two series of dashes, for example npm run start -- --web3.

Upload a scene to decentraland #

Once you’re happy with your scene, you can upload it and publish it to Decentraland, see publishing for instructions on how to do that.

You can also upload a preview to a free 3rd party server, see instructions here .

Preview scene size #

The scene size shown in the preview is based on the scene’s configuration, you set this when building the scene using the CLI. By default, the scene occupies a single parcel (16 x 16 meters).

If you’re building a scene to be uploaded to several adjacent parcels, you can edit the scene.json file to reflect this, listing multiple parcels in the “parcels” field. Placing any entities outside the bounds of the listed parcels will display them in red.

 "scene": {
    "parcels": [
    "base": "0,0"

You can also change the coordinates by running the npx update-parcels command from the command line, this is especially useful on large scenes with many parcels. See set parcels via the command line for more details.

💡 Tip: While running the preview, the parcel coordinates don’t need to match those that your scene will really use, as long as they’re adjacent and are arranged into the same shape. You will have to replace these with the actual coordinates later when you deploy the scene .

Run preview in Desktop #

To run a preview scene in the Desktop native client, instead of in the web browser:

  1. Make sure you have downloaded and installed the Windows or Mac desktop client.

  2. Run the preview with:

    npm run start -- --desktop-client

  3. Copy the URL provided by the console output under Desktop Client and paste in your browser.

    Note: The Browser might ask you for permission to open an external executable: Decentraland. Select Open.

  4. You’ll see the following screen. Check that the URL is correct, then click Continue to launch the preview.

    If you need to manually add anything to the URL, to change the default way the scene runs, tick the box Add custom URL parameters and write those in the dialog below.