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Publishing options

Publishing options

To invite others to visit a scene you built, you’ll need to publish it in Decentraland. To do this, you’ll need to have deploy permissions to Decentraland parcels or own a Decentraland name in order to deploy to a Decentraland World.

Decentraland is made up of parcels of LAND, each 16 meters by 16 meters. A scene is an experience that is built on one or several parcels.

This document gives an overview on the different ways to obtain permissions. See publishing for instructions on how to publish once you’ve obtained these.

LAND permission options #

In order to publish to LAND in Genesis City, you can do the following:

  • Rent LAND: Purchase the right to deploy and keep your content on certain parcels for a fixed period of time. See Rentals .
  • Buy land: Buy land parcels, and publish your content for as long as you wish. See marketplace .
  • Get permissions from an owner: Several land owners and districts manage large extensions of land and are willing to freely host content from others if it fits their theme and the kind of environment they want to create. Connect with them in the Decentraland Discord server .
  • Worlds: You can also deploy a stand-alone scene as a Decentraland World. Worlds exist outside the grid of Genesis City, and can be accessed by name. See worlds
📔 Note: You can also deploy scenes to a test server where players are not around. The same permissions per parcel apply when deploying to the test server, see publishing for more details.

Get DAO funding #

If you have a great idea and the means to achieve it, but need financing, you can request for a grant in the DAO. If the proposal convinces enough people from the community to vote on it, you can get a sum of money to achieve your vision, including funds for buying or renting LAND.

See Community grants .

How land permissions work #

LAND tokens can manage permissions that allow the following different kinds of roles to deploy to a particular parcel or estate.

  • LAND owner: The person that owns the token in their Ethereum wallet. This user can always deploy, assign other roles, or transfer the token (unless the land is currently rented by someone else).
  • LAND operator: The operator is only able to deploy, as long as they hold this role. The operator’s address is referenced by the token, without needing to own anything. The owner can assign and revoke operator permissions to any number of addresses. See Give permissions .

When renting a land, the tennant who pays for the rent gets to chose a single address that will hold a LAND Operator role for the duration of the rent (this can be their own address, or someone else’s). While the rent is active, none of the original holders of roles can interfere with the content on that LAND or transfer the token.