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Scene from example

Scene from example

Create a new Decentraland scene project based on an example to start out with a solid base. You can use this to reuse game mechanics, art assets, or anything that may be included in the parent project.

  1. Make sure you’ve installed the Decentraland editor

  2. Open a Visual Studio Code window on an empty folder.

  3. Select the Decentraland tab on Visual Studio’s left margin sidebar, and click Create Project

  4. Select the option From GitHub Repository. Then paste a URL to the GitHub repository you want to clone.

Use examples from the Example scenes page. Many of these are specially designed to be great starting places for certain kinds of scenes.

💡 Tip: To avoid downloading the entire repo, with dozens of scenes, copy just the URL to a project folder. Right click on the View Code link and copy that link address, then paste that into the new project prompt. For example: