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Places FAQ

Places FAQ

Below you can find the frequently asked questions about Places .

Editing Your Place #

How do I edit the title, description or image of my Place?

The title, description and image of your Place are taken from the scene metadata. Find out more about editing the scene metadata .

How does my Place get updated?

When you re-upload your scene, the Places website will update any metadata automatically.

What happens if I change my Place significantly?

Each Place is assigned a unique ID. When certain conditions are met, your Place may be deemed “new”, resulting in a new ID assignment. This change will cause your Place to lose any accumulated favorites and likes. For details on these conditions, please refer to ADR: Place Identifiers .

Like Percentage #

How is the like percentage calculated?

In order to prevent abuse, the like percentage is calculated from likes and dislikes from users who have at least 100 voting power . Anyone with an account can like or dislike, but only qualifying votes are used to calculate the like percentage.

Increase your chances of getting a good rating by making sure your Place has a title, description and thumbnail.

Points of Interest #

How can my Place become a Point of Interest?

Points of interest are notable locations in Decentraland. These “POIs” are promoted in several areas of the virtual world’s UI, and are promoted as good places for users to explore, especially people new to Decentraland.

You can create a proposal in the DAO to nominate your Place as a Point of Interest.

Worlds #

Which Worlds appear in the Worlds tab?

As defined in the Worlds 1.0 - Short-Term Plan DAO proposal , we allow discoverability of Worlds deployed to Foundation’s World Content Server only for NAME owners that also hold LAND or an active LAND rental contract.

More help #

For more help, join the Decentraland Discord and post a question in the Support section.