Below you can find the frequently asked questions about events in Decentraland.

General #

Do I need to own LAND to host an event?

No, you can create an event anywhere in Decentraland for free.

Do I need a wallet to host an event?

Yes, you need to sign in with a wallet to create an event. Read our guide to find out about creating a wallet .

Event details #

What resolution should my event cover be?

Your event cover should be 1340 pixels wide and 670 pixels tall (1340x670). A 2:1 aspect ratio.

What file format should my event cover be?

Upload your event cover as a PNG, JPG or GIF. The maximum file size is 500kb.

What are longitude and latitude?

Longitude and latitude are the X and Y coordinates of the map in Decentraland. Add the coordinates of the location where you want to host your event.

Should I choose a specific server for my event?

When you enter Decentraland you connect to one of our servers. Choose a specific server for your event so that everyone who joins the event at the same time will be able to see each other.

What is the UTC time zone?

UTC is Coordinated Universal Time.

Which category should I choose?

Choose the category which best matches your event. If you would like to propose a new category, you can submit a proposal in the DAO .

Submitting your event #

How long will it take for my event to be reviewed?

Review times depend on day/time of event submission, but won’t take longer than a few hours.

Who reviews the events?

Events are reviewed by the team at the Decentraland Foundation.

Why do I need to add my email or Discord username?

Add your email or Discord username so we can contact you if there is something wrong with your event submission.

Can I edit my event once it is published?

Yes you can edit your event at any time.

My event wasn’t published, why not?

Your event may not have passed review because you did not fill in all the required information. Make sure you complete every field in the form when submitting an event.

Promotion #

How can I promote my event?

Share your event on social media to promote it.

More help #

For more help, join the Decentraland Discord and post a question in the Support section.