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Let’s build the metaverse together

Let’s build the metaverse together

3D content in Decentraland is made up of scenes, each scene occupies a finite amount of space and is displayed one next to the other for players to freely walk through them.

The Decentraland SDK is a collection of tools to allow you to create scenes. The following are good places to start:

The Decentraland Editor #

The Editor is an all-in-one content creation tool. It’s intended for users of any knowledge level, combining a graphical interface with code editing capabilities. Both technical and non-technical creators will benefit from using it.

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Other scene creation tools #

There are a number of tools that can help with arranging 3d models into position in a Decentraland scene. You still need to resort to the SDK to add interactivity to these items, but setting positions visually is a big help.

  • DCL Edit : A community-built tool that allows you to drag and drop 3d models into your scene. You can then work on adding interactivity to the resulting scene using the SDK.

  • Legacy Builder : a simple drag and drop editor. No coding required, some items include built-in functionality. You can start a scene with the Builder, and then export it to continue working on it with the SDK.

    Read the documentation .

📔 Note: If a scene is created by or modified by the SDK, you can’t import it into the Builder. You can only go from the Builder to the SDK, not in the other direction.

3D Modeling #

You can use any 3rd party modeling tool to create 3D models that can be used in Decentraland scenes. It’s easy to import them into the Builder .

See 3D modeling for tips and tricks, and information about supported features and formats for 3D models.