Content Creators
Let’s build the metaverse together

Let’s build the metaverse together

All creators are welcome! In Decentraland you have a wide range of Creative possibilities:

Scenes #

3D content in Decentraland is made up of scenes, each scene occupies a finite amount of space and is displayed one next to the other for players to freely walk through them.

Tools #

Use these tools to create Decentraland scenes:

  • Web Editor: A lightweight tool, with no installation. Use an easy drag and drop interface to create scenes.

    Learn more .

  • Desktop Editor: An all-in-one content creation tool. For users of any knowledge level, combining a graphical interface with code editing capabilities.

    Learn more .

📔 Note: There are also community-built tools for creating Decentraland scenes:

  • DCL Edit : Drag and drop 3d models into your scene. You can then work on adding interactivity to the resulting scene using the SDK.
  • Unity Exporter Toolkit : Build in Unity, with a number of pre-built interactive modules. Export a fully-working Decentraland scene.
  • Virtual Land Manager : Control various aspects of your scene in real time, including highly customized controls. Includes analytics: View historical user activity, track custom interactions, export lists of players in scene, and more.
  • In-World Builder : Create a scene without leaving the Decentraland explorer. Use various default items or upload your own, without needing to deploy or own land.

3D Art #

Decentraland scenes are made up of 3D models.

  • Chose from the wide catalog of default assets in both the Web Editor and the Desktop Editor. These are ready to go and optimized for using in Decentraland

  • Craft your own 3D models using Blender or your preferred 3D tools. Then import them into either the the Web Editor or the Desktop Editor.

📔 Note: Content in Decentraland should stay within certain size limitations to ensure your scene runs smoothly.

See 3D modeling for tips and tricks for optimizing, and information about supported features and formats for 3D models.

Interactivity #

To make your scene interactive:

  • Use the UI of either the the Web Editor or the Desktop Editor to drop Smart Items into your scene. These are models that come pre-built with their own behavior, and are highly customizable. You can also assign the same behaviors to your own custom models (no code required).

  • For developers that want to incorporate custom logic, use the SDK in the Desktop Editor to write code and do anything you can imagine. Learn to use the SDK:

Publishing your scene #

You don’t need to own any tokens to start building your scene, with either the Web Editor or the Desktop Editor. To publish your scene, you can chose from the following options:

  • LAND in Genesis City: This is the main open world in Decentraland, which is split up in 16x16 meter parcels. Buy one or several adjacent parcels in the Marketplace , and deploy your scene there.
  • Decentraland Worlds: Worlds are your own spaces in the metaverse. All you need is to own a Decentraland name , and you can publish a scene as big as you want!

See Kinds of project to better understand the different options.

See publishing for details and special options when publishing a scene, to either Genesis City or Worlds.

Wearables #

Wearables are items of clothing that player avatars can wear. These are sold as NFTs and purchased in the Marketplace .

Learn everything about Creating wearables .

You can also combine a wearable with code from the SDK to create a smart wearable . This turns on a global scene whenever the player puts on the wearable, and can be used in all sorts of creative ways. See Kinds of project to better understand the different options.

Emotes #

Emotes are animations that a player’s avatar can do. These are sold as NFTs and purchased in the Marketplace .

Learn everything about Creating emotes .