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SDK7 beta testing guidelines

SDK7 beta testing guidelines

Documentation #

Find the full documentation for SDK7 in under the SDK7 section of the documentation.

Using the playground #

To easily try out SDK7, visit the playground . Write SDK7 code on the left of the screen, and see the resulting scene on the right. As you change the code, the scene is updated automatically.

If you run into any issues, please copy a URL to the current setup of your scene with the Share button, and report an issue including that link to your code.

Using SDK 7 #

Install the SDK 7 version of the editor on VS Studio Code. To install it, simply search in the extension market for Decentraland Editor SDK7.

📔 Note: Notice that scenes that use SDK7 don’t have the decentraland-ecs package installed. Instead, they have the @dcl/sdk package.

In production #

You can deploy scenes with SDK7 via the Publish Scene button on the Editor.

Example scenes #

You can find more example scenes written with SDK7 here:

Reporting issues #

See the list of existing known issues here .

If you run into any bugs, please report an issue in the SDK repository.

We ask you to please detail how to reproduce the issue as much as possible. The ideal way to report a bug is to include a link to the playground , showcasing a minimal scene where this issue can be observed. Click the Share button in the playground to copy a URL that includes the code that you’re currently using. That way, the issue is 100% reproducible by whoever is debugging it.

Submit feedback #

Once you’ve had a chance to try the new SDK, please fill in the feedback form .