Publishing Wearables

For detailed instructions on how to submit your wearable collection for approval before publication, see the User Guide. This document explains how the approval process works when publishing wearables, and what criteria is used by the Curation Committee when reviewing wearables. For detailed information on the Curation Committee, start here.

The publication process

  1. After clicking “Publish” on your completed proposal, it will be submitted to the Curation Committee for approval. Collections pending approval will be flagged as “Under Review”.
  2. Any collections pending approval from the Curation Committee may not be minted until the approval process is completed.
  3. Each time you publish a new collection, a post is automatically created on the Decentraland Forum, providing a list and overview of each item in the collection. This Forum post gives the community and the Curation Committee a space to share feedback or request any changes that you need to make before your collection can be approved.
  4. If there are changes you need to make, the Curation Committee will notify you in the Forum thread for your collection.
  5. After any needed changes have been made, you can resubmit your collection for approval. (Collections may be reviewed and rejected multiple times before final approval.)
  6. Once your collection has final approval, you will be notified in the Forum. You will also see a visual indicator in the Wearable Editor next to the approved collection.
  7. With a successful approval, you can begin minting items in your collection!

Acceptance criteria

Following is an overview of the criteria used by the Curation Committee when determining a collection’s eligibility. Much of this criteria is based on Section 2 of Decentraland’s Content Policy.

Specifically, wearables may not:

  • Involve illegality, such as piracy, criminal activity, terrorism, or child pornography
  • Infringe third party intellectual property rights
  • Contain cruel or hateful imagery that could harm, harass, promote or condone violence against, or that is primarily intended to incite hatred of, animals, or individuals or groups based on race or ethnic origin, religion, nationality, disability, gender, age, veteran status, or sexual orientation/gender identity
  • Contain content that is libelous, false, inaccurate, misleading, or invades another person’s privacy
  • Breach the Privacy Policy
  • Contain any content that promotes or could be construed as primarily intending to evade the limitations described above

Please refer to the full Content Policy here for additional details and definitions. Any submissions that violate the above criteria will be rejected.

In addition to the Content Policy, the committee may reject wearable submissions on the following technical conditions:

  • It is important that wearables be “skin weighted” correctly so that the avatar animations can be rendered as expected. Wearables without correct skin weighting will be rejected.
  • Wearables must preserve avatar UV mapping to ensure that user-selected skin tones can be rendered as expected.
  • The dimensions of eyebrow, eye, and mouth textures should not exceed 256 by 256px, and these textures must include an alpha channel for transparency.
  • Wearables with a disproportionate number of triangles and textures may be rejected. Wearables with too many triangles and textures can result in poor performance and a bad experience for users, so creators should avoid exceeding the following guidelines when creating wearables:
    • 1500 tris per wearable
    • 500 tris per accessory
    • 2 square textures of 512x512px (or lower) per wearable
  • Wearables may not contain duplicate items within a collection. (Each item within a collection must be unique.)
  • Wearables may not mimic or copy other wearables that have already been published.
  • Wearables with misleading categories may be rejected; for example, a hat that is categorized as a lower body item.