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User data

Track user position and rotation

The Camera object exposes information about the user’s point of view in your scene.

  • camera.position returns a 3D vector with the user’s coordinates relative to the scene.
  • camera.rotation returns a quaternion with the user’s rotation.

Tip: You can also obtain the user’s rotation expressed in Euler angles (as an x, y and z vector) by writing camera.rotation.eulerAngles.

const camera = Camera.instance

class CameraTrackSystem {
  update() {

The example above logs the user’s position and rotation on each frame.

const camera = Camera.instance

class SomeSystem implements ISystem {
  constructor() {

  update() {
    for (let i in this.entities) {
      const entity = this.entities[i]
      const transform = entity.getComponent(Transform)

const cube = new Entity()
const shape = new BoxShape()
const transform = new Transform()
transform.position.set(5, 1, 5)

engine.addSystem(new SomeSystem())

The example above uses the user’s rotation to set that of a cube in the scene.

Get player’s public Ethereum key

To get a user’s Ethereum public key, use the EthereumController library. See scene blockchain operations for details.