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Add functionality to a Builder scene

This guest blog post by Tak shows how to export a Builder scene and add functionality via the SDK.

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Introduction to the ECS (Entity Component System)

This blogpost walks you through creating a first scene with basic interactions. It explains some of the basic concepts of the Entity Component System architecture (ECS).

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Motion and animations in ECS

This blogpost shows different ways to move an entity, as well as how to apply animations to a 3D model.

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Using UIs

This guest blog post by Surz shows how to add a custom UI to your scene.

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Picking and dragging objects in-world

This guest blog post by Interweaver shows how players can pick up an object and move it around with them in the scene.

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Making a sprite animation

This guest blog post by Brent shows how to add a gif-like animation using a sprite sheet.

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Migrate scenes from the old SDK to the latest

This blogpost is a reference for migrating content that was written for earlier versions of the Decentraland SDK to version 5.0.

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Using the blockchain

This series of tutorials by Miles show how to build a scene, starting from the basics to using blockchain transactions in the Ethereum network to monetize.